Talking head interview films

Talking head interview films

Talking heads

We love to transform simple ‘talking head’ interviews into compelling visual stories. We focus on capturing the essence of the message but always in a visually interesting way that engages and resonates. We like to think we go beyond just asking questions; we create a conversational atmosphere that allows the interviewee to shine.

We also understand the importance of cost effective yet high-quality production values to ensure your message stands out. Whether this is using split screen techniques, multiple camera set-ups, lighting, or other clever tech (ask us about ‘Eye Direct’ sometime) we ensure that every frame is meticulously crafted, resulting in visually appealing and impactful interviews.

No two interviews are the same, and we embrace the uniqueness of each project. Be that a business founder sharing insights or a school pupil talking about class sizes our approach is to find a story thread and allow it to be told.

Talking head interviews offer a face and voice to your brand, fostering authenticity and building trust with your audience. It’s not just about what you say but how you say it, our job is to ensure your message is delivered with impact.