Our Expertise

For a film to be memorable and unique to you, understanding your brand is critical. We help to define you, your brand, your service, develop a brief, the creative concept and turn this into compelling film content.

Our expertise is broad, but sits in three core disciplines.

How it works

We don’t make ‘videos’, we make films. Thoughtful, interesting films. Not corporate and bland. Not easily forgotten mood videos with floaty drone shots set to library music. Our sensitivity, sensibilities and attention to detail is what will give your film edge and make it memorable. We obsess over the minutiae. We craft and hone. The production unfolds in four core stages, here’s how they work…

Creative development

Having got our heads around your brief, we develop a creative concept for your film. We write a treatment and / or script. When this is signed-off, we enter pre-production.

Pre production

This stage is crucial and encompasses talent casting, location scouting, permissions, scheduling and weather-predicting. Fail to plan, plan to fail.


The shoot. Could be one day, could be ten. Cameras, drones, gimbals, lights, tripods, gaffer tape. We allow plenty of time and hope we’ve left nothing to chance.

Post production

The edit, where the film is finally cut and assembled. Music is selected. Titles designed. Colours manipulated. Final films are then mastered to any conceivable format.